Pool Fencing provides safety to your family and pets all year round. There is a wide variety of pool fencing options available including different styles of tubular pool fencing, frameless glass pool fencing and semi frameless glass pool fencing.

Any pool fencing option will only add value to your property for years to come. A professionally installed pool fence adds visual appeal and Stryder Fencing can assist with finding a design that complements your existing landscape.

Tubular Pool Fencing provides a classic look to the style of your property. The fencing is made of a series of modular aluminium panels which can be welded together to create several designs. Tubular pool fencing has the advantage, over glass pool fencing, of catering for ground which may not be level in all areas.

The Tubular panels can be installed to overcome any landscaping challenges that you may have in your backyard. Aluminium pool fencing comes in a variety of designs including Flat Top, Eumundi and Loop Top.

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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing, once installed, is almost invisible and offers a fresh and clean look to any pool and landscaped area, frosted glass options are also available.

The ‘toughened safety glass’ is specially treated to resist shattering and cracking while providing a standard fencing height of 1200 mm and 12mm thick. The glass is held in place through a series of spigots located at the bottom of the panel that are either bolted or concreted into the ground.
Semi frameless glass pool fencing designs are a quality choice which provides a clear view to the swimming pool area. A semi frameless design utilises a series of 50mm x 50mm x 3mm aluminum glazing posts in between each individual panel of ‘toughened safety glass’.

The posts are powder coated to provide long-lasting durability and superior corrosion resistance to ensure an elegant swimming pool enclosure for years to come. Semi frameless glass pool fencing comes in a variety of powder coated colours and frosted designs. Individual panels of 10mm glass can be modified to provide slanted panels along stairways, exterior ramps, or sloping ground.

Read Pool Fencing Regulations for WA


Aluminium Slat Fencing comes in wide range of finishes, including finishes with a wood-look and more traditional powder coat finishes such as silver, black and slate grey. Aluminium slat fencing provides additional security, privacy, and can be used to divide your backyard into sections by providing a decorate style.

Aluminium Slat fencing comes with a 7-year warranty which covers the finish and colour of the product.

Aluminium Slat Fencing


Garrison Heavy Duty Security Fencing is made from durable tubular steel that is great for all security fencing purposes. This fencing can be topped with aggressive points, discouraging any willing fence climbers. There is a choice of heights from 1800mm, 2100mm and 2400mm. The fencing is made-to-measure between pillars, this provides a sturdy and secure fencing solution to any situation.

Garrison security fencing is commonly used in industrial and commercial properties, schools, sporting facilities, government infrastructure and many more applications.

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Steel Plinth Retaining fits directly under the bottom rail of your COLORBOND® fence, this is an inexpensive solution to building a wall as it sites directly under the fence. It will retain up to 300mm in height.

COLORBOND® Gates – Stryder Fencing Co. can find a gate that suits your requirements and needs, to blend in with any installed fence up to 2m. There are D-Latch (standard), Magna Latch and Lokk Latch Delux Lock options.

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COLORBOND® with lattice on top is an extra feature which will add to the look and style of your home and garden. A lattice addition will add 300mm to the height of your fence, turning 1.8 high into 2.1m high, or 1.5m to 1.8m high.

2.1 high COLORBOND® Fencing provides higher panels that can provide for extra security in areas such as lane ways or where neighbours may have raised patios which overlook your backyard.

Note: We do not install Hardi fence as it is an outdated product that is not environmental friendly. However, still give us a ring and if we cannot find a better solution then we can direct you to someone that can assist with your requirements.

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